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Assistance with the Process of Settling an Estate

Reliable Estate Administration for Dealing with a Difficult Time!

Elements of Estate Administration

If you’ve found yourself under a pile of documents in the wake of a loved one’s death, you can get skilled assistance navigating through those from the Law Office of Eric C. Diggan in Reading, PA. The Register of Wills or Probate Court Will need you to fill out many forms if your loved one died without a will. While you’re dealing with losing someone special, you can lean on Mr. Diggan for the procedural side. He can ensure you follow the formal process of settling the estate, including protecting the assets of the estate and notifying any heirs.

  • Creating wills

  • Probate Law

  • Power of Attorney

  • Letters Testamentary

  • Letters of Administration

You can count on Mr. Diggan's 20 years of experience when it comes into estate planning and settling final wills.



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